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Kimberly Golding – Cherry Creek Elementary

I would like to nominate Mrs. Kim Golding for the KSL NewsRadio Teacher Feature award. Mrs. Golding teaches first grade at Cherry Creek Elementary school in Nebo school district. She is a phenomenal teacher with many years of experience.

My sweet son deals with a lot of anxiety, and getting him to school can be stressful. However, once he is in class he feels comfortable and safe. He has excelled this year academically and is performing above grade level in all content areas. Mrs. Golding is not just great at teaching him academic skills, but also at teaching him to be a leader and social and emotional skills, and how. One thing I really appreciate is the level of communication she has with me as a parent. I feel like I always know exactly what is going on in her classroom and how my son is performing.

While many teachers care deeply for their students, Mrs. Golding’s true level of exceptionalism was shown while I was out of the state. My son was having panic attacks in the morning since I was not there to walk him into school–so he refused to go with his carpool. When Mrs. Golding became aware of the situation, she and another staff came to my home to pick him up and drive him to school. I have never heard of a teacher going to such measures to ensure the social, emotional, and overall success of a student. It comforted my momma bear heart to know that even when I was away for a week there was someone who cared about my son that much. Mrs. Kim Golding truly cares about her students, as individuals and my family will never forget that love and commitment. – Tabitha Pacheco