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Eloise Bridges – Payson High School

Mrs. Bridges has to be one of my most favorite teachers of all time. She is so passionate about teaching English even though she has taught for over 30 years. Sadly, she will be retiring this year. I wish she would stay one more year so I could take her College writing class. Her lessons are amazing and original. She has a unique way of putting grammar rules with lyrics. She cares about each of her students and loves to see them improve every day. She is such a positive person and she has helped many students become passionate about writing. It is not an easy class, but we will worth the work you have to put into it.

Just to tell you how amazing Mrs. Bridges is, I just received my ACT score and my score went from a 24 last year to a 35 in the English Section. That is an increase in 11 points in one year. I really love school because of her!
My sister took her College writing class four years ago and said it was amazing. It has helped her tremendously throughout her college years. My sister will be graduating in Education this month and attributes a lot of her success to Mrs. Bridges. I am so grateful for Mrs. Bridges and her willingness to help me become a better student. My only wish is that she would stay one more year!
-Brendon Earl