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Rupali Munot- Oakcrest Elementary

The following was submitted by Jamie Ball.

“Rupali, or as we know her, Mrs. Munot is the best teacher we’ve worked with. Our son Korbin was assigned to her class as a third grader two years ago. Like most kids, Korbin was a little nervous about the new school year and the new teacher. But unlike most kids Korbin has a special set of circumstances that can make a new year and a new teacher especially difficult. The word on the schoolyard was Mrs. Munot was tough, that there would be a lot a work. Like most rumors this little tail ended up being a little bit true and a little bit false. Mrs. Munot ended up being an excellent partner in educating our son. Tough but fair, and completely invested in our son.

Mrs. Munot made a concentrated effort to work with us as parents to craft a plan that would help Korbin be successful. Mrs. Munot was not satisfied with just getting Korbin through the year. She wanted him to succeed and spent a considerable amount of time working with us as his parents, Korbin’s counselor, and the school’s administrative staff to make sure Korbin excelled in her class.

Korbin thrived under her care, excelling in mathematics and improving considerably in reading and writing. Mrs. Munot worked hard to ensure that each kid in the class was given what they needed to succeed. She would not accept anything less from herself and from her students. Mrs. Munot turned what many teachers would have termed an obstacle into an opportunity for Korbin to thrive. He developed new talents, a love for the Indian culture, and a love for reading and writing that will carry through the rest of his life. She literally changed his life. This is not hyperbole.

Korbin struck gold a second time when he was assigned to her class again in the 4th grade. Sometimes the teacher student relationship can suffer under time frames greater than a year but our partnership with Mrs. Munot as student, parent, and teacher only deepened. Korbin will no doubt remember his time with Mrs. Munot fondly and will point to her as a significant influence in his life.

Mrs. Munot’s influence extends beyond our son, she has changed our lives as well. She’s re-framed education from a one way street from teacher to student to a synergistic partnership involving student, teacher, and parents. Mrs. Munot will always have a special place in the heart and soul of our family.”