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Tammy Lawrence – Syracuse Arts Academy

To whom it may concern,

I would love to nominate Mrs. Lawrence for the teacher feature award. She is a 5th grade teacher at Syracuse Arts Academy. She deserves this award so much because, she treats every kid fairly, she personally finds ways to improve on your schoolwork or behavior, and she will stop at nothing to make sure you are a happy student.

To begin with, I promise that Mrs. Lawrence is the perfect teacher to win this award, because she honestly deserves it. She has treated every student fairly by including everyone into everything. Whenever we did class activities, she would always look around the room and check to see if everyone was included. If you weren’t included in school activities, she would talk to you after the school day was over and she would take time out of her day to find ways to fix it. Secondly, if you ever missed a school day she always grabbed all of the school work you missed and gave it to you personally. Then she explained what you missed during school. My sister had Mrs. Lawrence for 5th grade and she got sick really bad so she missed about 5 weeks of school. Mrs. Lawrence came to my house on the weekend and brought school work and taught my sister the things she missed, she also came to see how she was doing. Now that right there means she deserves the award. Last but not least, when she taught me I struggled with anxiety and she would always talk to me after school about it. She always made sure that everyone was happy and if you weren’t she would take time out of her day to help. And I think that helped many students because it made school a more fun and safe place. It’s been 3 years since she was my teacher and she still gives me hugs in the hallway and asks how I’m doing.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that Mrs. Lawrence deserves the teacher feature award because of the impact she has made on many students, and the change of perspective on school. She made many students want to go to school because they felt safe and loved. She is the best teacher I could ever ask for.