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Lisa Garland- Northwest Middle School

“Lisa Garland is one of the most dedicated teachers I have ever known! Her love for her students and enthusiasm for their success makes her students feel good about themselves and pushes them to do their best. Every school she has worked at has sang her praises! She even received an award for excellence in the Provo School district last year! As a special education teacher, she understands how all students learn differently and does her best to individualize her teaching to cater to each student’s needs.

Six years ago, Lisa’s husband suffered a heart attack and became disabled. With two of her five children still living at home, Lisa became the sole provider for her family. She worked every day and did school on the side to receive a Behaviorist certification so she could widen her career options. Through her struggles and sacrifice, Lisa has been able to take care of her family and buy a home just last year.

Lisa is the most selfless, caring, charitable, and loving person I know. She goes to her middle school every day and tries to motivate her students to be better and work hard. There has been a lot of gang activity with the student population and a lot of pressure and violence outside of the school. Lisa is a wonderful role model for her students. She gives them all the attention they need and the positive feedback that makes them strive for their best. She lets her students know that she cares and wants them to succeed in school and at home. Many of these kids do not see this kind of care from their teachers and they lose their motivation to learn. Lisa sees the potential in her students and helps them see the same potential in themselves.

Lisa now works two jobs to support herself and her family. She sacrifices her time and energy to improve the lives of those around her. If anyone deserves to be recognized for their efforts, it’s Lisa. She is an exceptional teacher and a loving person. She always puts other people’s needs before her own and should have that favor returned!

Please choose Lisa Garland! She is AMAZING!”

-Logan Garland