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Catherine Bruner- Oak Hollow Elementary

The following was submitted by Julie Mootz.

“It is my honor to recommend Cathy Bruner for the Teacher Feature award. I have worked with Mrs. Bruner for the past three years as her principal and find her to be an excellent teacher who always comes to school with a smile and is dedicated to her profession. Mrs. Bruner is a second grade teacher in the dual immersion program at Oak Hollow. Cathy has been the English partner since the program started here eight years ago. Mrs. Bruner works with a French teacher and they share students. Mrs. Bruner is one of the reasons our dual immersion program is so successful at Oak Hollow.

Mrs. Bruner has the ability to reach any student. She was a previous Teacher of the Year for Oak Hollow. Students love Mrs. Bruner. Mrs. Bruner is a creative and passionate teacher. This past summer, Mrs. Bruner learned about “flexible seating” and has successfully implemented this in her second grade class. Students in Mrs. Bruner’s class learn English language arts while sitting in desks, rocking chairs, and other creative seating arrangements. The students love it and love learning with Mrs. Bruner.

Mrs. Bruner has very strong communication skills, whether she is working with students, colleagues or the community. As a member of the Building Leadership Team (BLT), Mrs. Bruner is a strong team leader. Cathy is a great support to the new teachers at Oak Hollow. Her colleagues love and appreciate all that she does.

Finally, Mrs. Bruner is a kind and compassionate person. Earlier this month, I was home sick with the flu. Cathy and another teacher brought dinner to my home. This is the type of person Mrs. Bruner is every day. She is just outstanding!!!”