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Sandra Curtis- Nibley Elementary

The following was submitted by Teri Hegemann

“I am writing to nominate Sandra Curtis for the Teacher Feature program. Mrs. Curtis teaches 3rd grade at Nibley Elementary in Logan Utah. My son has had the privilege of being in her class this year and I volunteer in the classroom and have worked closely with her.

I first noticed something special about her when the kids were having a hard time with the spelling tests. She studied what the problems were and then redesigned how she gives the tests because she wants the kids to succeed. I was impressed that she took the time to study and learn where the problem was and then took the steps to fix it.

When I sat with her to plan parties for the year, she explained to me that she likes to do a service theme rather than a party. Therefore, with the kids we found a local foundation that needs some comfort kits and the kids are collecting items to help make kits for kids who are less fortunate. We are also tying 15 quilts to donate. The kids are encouraged to do jobs and find ways to earn some extra change to bring in so we can purchase the material to make the fleece blankets. I know much of what we need comes out of her own pocket.

She cares about not only teaching math, reading and spelling but she is concerned about teaching the kids to be a good citizen, to be considerate, law abiding, honest, responsible and dependable. Her classroom radiates positive thinking and is a great learning environment. Another amazing quality about Mrs. Curtis is her ability to keep going. Last year she lost her son due to an illness. She organized getting new trees to plant in the city park in his behalf. This past year her husband was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. He survived brain surgery but the outlook is not good. She is taking care of him and never seems to let it get her down. She has also adopted a beautiful girl from Africa. Her heart is so full of love that everyone who associates with her is filled with that spirit of life and love. The kids in the class adore her and perform well for her.

Another program she is over at the school is called The Leader in Me Leadership team. Each quarter kids apply to be on the leadership team. She comes early to school and helps the kids with activities to be a leader. They raise the flag, there is a welcoming committee that says hi to every student who walks in the door, they turn on the computers in the lab, they make sure the school is ready for the day. The leadership team also gives the kids a chance to be a leader and in charge of a school activity each semester. My son has been on it two times and has grown in leaps and bounds with leadership skills.

I am so grateful for not only what he is learning intellectually but also for the person he is becoming by being in Mrs. Curtis 3rd grade class. We are all better people because of her influence in our lives for good. I hope you will consider recognizing this amazing teacher.”