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JoAnn Bahr- Harvigsen Elementary School

The following nomination was submitted by Pam Rex.

“JoAnn Bahr has worked with students in the Granite School District for the past 28 years. JoAnn started out in the special education department and has ended her career working with severely multiple handicapped students in communication. JoAnn is knowledgeable in all areas of teaching and uses her understanding of student behaviors to get the most out of her students.

JoAnn helps students achieve their potential by teaching them to communicate using their most preferred means of communication. She teaches non-verbal students to use sign language, augmentative devices, verbal approximations and picture exchange programs to communicate their wants and needs.

JoAnn is able to adapt lessons for each student in groups and in individual therapy sessions. She is creative in teaching strategies that engage students and make learning fun. She can adapt any lesson to the needs of each student. She prepares most therapy materials herself and is often asked by other teachers to help prepare appropriate materials for their students.

JoAnn is always trying to get students to transition the concepts taught in class to non-structured settings and unfamiliar circumstances, preparing the way for them to be successful in the community.

Jo Ann truly goes the extra mile to facilitate learning through many modalities specific to each student. She spends hours of her own time preparing materials and meeting the needs of students in other classes as well. Other teachers are always asking JoAnn to give her input and expertise to design something to meet the needs of individual students throughout the school. JoAnn is most deserving of this award.”