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Brian Peterson- Lake Ridge Elementary

The following was submitted by Raegan Huefner.

“I think you should feature Mr.Peterson because he is the best teacher I’ve ever have had. He was the best teacher because not only did he brake me out of my shell, I watched as he did the same to other students. He helps everyone understand every time they became confused. Even if they’re not in his class.

I had Mr.Peterson as a 6 grade teacher. I am now in 9 grade and I still go back and ask for help. I have watched his classes over the years and saw how the kids grow in his class. Mr. Peterson never gives up on a student it doesn’t mater if there shy or just mean students. He will help them.

Mr. Peterson makes his students a priority he shows them that they are important and can succeed in life. I might have had him at a very young age but I think that makes him all the more important.He helped me grow and build my foundation. At that young of an age you need to have a full understanding of the things you are being taught. Or you’ll struggle throughout 7 and 8 grade. Our teachers form us and teach us. Mr.Peterson wasn’t just my teacher he’s my friend.”