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Marvin Hull- Malan’s Peak High School

The following was submitted anonymously.

“Dear Teacher Feature Committee,

I am sending this nomination anonymously for reasons that you will understand as you read this letter.

I would like to nominate Mr. Marvin Hull to be featured as one of your outstanding teachers. He is a 22 year teacher in the youth corrections programs of the Ogden City School District. During that time he has had some of the most difficult students in our district and even our state in his classrooms. He has treated each of these students with great respect. He has provided these students with an opportunity to increase their education in an environment that is friendly yet challenging, fun yet meaningful. He greets each class period with positivity, a laugh and a smile.

The young men and women in his classes have challenges that many people want to ignore or are fearful to confront. Most of these students have violated the law, may have been heavily involved in drugs, may have been involved in organizations that cause chaos in our communities, and many come from families who struggle to survive. He is now teaching the children of his former students. Mr. Hull has welcomed all of these students into his classroom and, without judging their past, has made their time in his classes memorable and important.

Students have earned credit toward their graduation, but even more importantly they have met someone who believes in them. Mr. Hull encourages good choices. He holds them responsible in a fair and positive way. He lets them know that they have value, regardless of what their past may have told them.

I have worked with Mr. Hull for a long time. He is one of many teachers I have known over my years in Youth Corrections. Because I want to keep excellent relationships with all of our teachers I don’t want to be known as the one to single one teacher out. That dynamic in our facilities can cause problems. Mr. Hull, however, deserves to be singled out because his work with our students has been uniquely meaningful.

He is an example of what I once heard in the movie “Tuesdays with Morrie”. As is Morrie in that movie, MR. Hull is a teacher that understands that “Some things are hard to understand, but he never gives up”. Mr. Hull “knows that some of the most important lessons take a lifetime to learn”. Mr. Hull also knows, however, that there is no time like the present to help these students to start to learn lessons that could change their lives. It is obviously that Mr. Hull cares. All of this makes Mr. Hull unique.

Thanks for your kind consideration of this nomination. Our teachers rarely, if ever, even receive a “thank you” from our students. This would be a wonderful recognition for at least one of them.”