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Meline Hansen – Midas Creek Elementary

Meline Hansen was nominated by her colleague Trish Calhoun who said:

“Mrs. Hansen is a veteran Kindergarten teacher. She has taught in private and public schools for many years. She is so organized and prepares amazing lessons for her students. She is a strong member of the school’s Kindergarten team. She plans fun, engaging and challenging lessons for her students. She has a knack for discussing concerns with parents and is willing to help other teachers navigate through the first years of teaching. She is a Mentor for new teachers and loves to bring new ideas to our school.

Mrs. Hansen is a life-long learner. She has a Masters degree and she is continuing to get a math endorsement. Amazing! Mrs. Hansen does not need to do this but she loves to challenge herself and, in turn, challenge her students. I saw her the other day mingling with the sixth grade teachers and she said, “I know the perfect idea” and off she went to her room, printing a number line with fractions. Mrs. Hansen loves kindergarten! She spends so much time planning engaging lessons and even has a color copier at her house. She commented to me, “these pictures might not look quite right black and white.” She cares deeply for her students and their academic progression.

Mrs. Hansen is dedicated to her school community. She always attends and volunteers for the after school activities throughout the year. She has supported different parents with petitioning for various resources to the school and the district. Parents feel comfortable to come and talk to her about concerns. Students frequently drop by to say hello and update her on their new teacher.

Mrs. Hansen likes to stay out of the limelight. I think the spotlight needs to shine right on her for her hard work, love of teaching, continuing to learn and enhance her teaching skills, and her desire to be a great teacher!”