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Emily Sheets – Meadow Brook Elementary

The following nomination was submitted by Jessica Garcia of Springville:

“Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick Miss Sheets as your winner! Miss Sheets has been such a blessing in my 3rd graders life! At the beginning of the school year my daughter was diagnosed with “stomach migraines” (that’s the simple term), basically it means stress and anxiety cause pain as intense as a migraine in the stomach. My daughter also has high anxiety and stress that she is getting help for. Well let me tell you… Miss Sheets has been one of the most important parts of her success… she has written numerous emails back and forth with me about my daughters well being and how she can help her. My daughter also comes home almost everyday with a new story of how Miss Sheets helped her breath through an episode, or helped make tests less stressful and just gave her the confidence she needed to keep going. I’ve never experienced this kind of dedication for an individual child’s very specific needs and in such a loving way. I never feel like we’re a nuisance, and that means so much to me!

On top of all that… she is SO thoughtful of parents. She takes lots of pictures for us and sends them so we can see all the fun they are having… and oh boy…. does she know how to teach in a fun way. She is so creative! She goes above and beyond to make sure all her student learn, have fun and feel included and loved! Right now she has them doing a kindness challenge to unite the class and make them feel loved. She has even started helping the whole class learn to deal with stressful moments… teaching them “mindfulness” which is a way to relax.

She’s just so amazing! Please pick her! There is no one more deserving!”