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Lynette Gittens, Athlos Academy of Utah in Herriman

The following was submitted by Shana Ashby.

“Mrs. Gittins is a wonderful teacher. She takes the time to get to know her students and work with their unique quirks and learning needs.

My son is a pretty distracted and emotional kid. He has always felt loved by her despite his difficult days. She encourages him, praises him, and doesn’t put him down.

During parent teacher conferences I have always felt like they were pointless with previous teachers; where as, with Mrs. Gittins I have felt very supported. She has had very useful ideas for us to do at home and working together to help my son succeed and since implementing them he has grown exponentially.

I appreciate knowing that my son is spending the majority of his day with someone who is treating him well and cares both for his academic and emotional needs.”