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Trooper Craig Youngberg

Below is the nomination, which comes from a letter given to Trooper Craig Youngberg from his Sergeant.

To: Trooper Craig Youngberg
From: Sergeant Brandon Whitehead

It came to my attention that you responded to the report of a multi-vehicle accident in the westbound lanes of I-84 near Taggart’s during the evening hours of March 3, 2016. The rest of your crew was tied up on a semi crash that was blocking nearly the entire southbound interstate of I-15 including the on ramp from 24th Street. Without hesitation, you responded to the multi-vehicle crash once the scene was controlled for the semi crash.

During the night it had been raining hard and the mountain side had become saturated with water. Several rocks of various size had rolled down off the mountainous outcrop and landed in the travel lanes of I-84. You took care of business and filled out the required paperwork, getting all but one motorist on their way. The particular vehicle which was not able to get on its way was occupied by a young Hispanic couple, on their way to an out of state funeral. This particular couple had limited financial means, complicating their ability to negotiate with a tow truck to move them to a safe location.

Upon learning of their financial quandary, you offered to give the tow truck driver $50.00 which would allow them to pay the bill to get towed off the freeway. The tow truck driver refused to take money from you, and agreed to tow them off to the Best Western in Uintah for the money they had. Once the couple and their vehicle had been towed to the Uintah Best Western, adjacent to a Goodyear Tire shop, you went even further. Upon learning they planned to stay the night in their vehicle, you used your personal money to secure a motel room for the couple, to allow them to have more pleasant accommodations, to the tune of nearly $100.00.

Trooper Youngberg, your actions that evening exemplify what it truly means to serve the public, above and beyond any reasonable expectation set forth by me or the department. In a turbulent time of the outspoken minority shrieking and complaining about alleged officer misconduct and improprieties, your actions speak loud and clear about the professional, caring, men and women we call State Troopers.

As your sergeant and direct supervisor, I could not be more proud of your actions. What you did for this couple in their personal moment of despair speaks volumes about your character and core values. It is people like you Trooper Youngberg, who absolutely bring honor to this department and the moral fabric it is constructed from. Let this letter of commendation serve as a small token gesture of my personal appreciation for your actions and compassion for your fellow man.

On behalf of the department, thank you for all you do in serving the community.