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Detective Cynthia Archuleta, Unified Police of Greater Salt Lake Midvale Precinct

Cynthia Archuleta was nominated by Tony Mason, Precinct Chief of Unified Police Midvale Precinct.

“I would like to nominate our School Resource officer Cynthia Archuleta. She is known by the students at Hillcrest High School as Officer Archi. Det. Archuleta took over as the School Resource Officer just prior to the Canyons School District moving the 9th Grade students in the High School. This presented some very difficult challenges for her to try and help the school assimilate the new students into the high school system. She not only made the new students feel safe, she became their advocate in helping them to feel welcome. She works with the school administration on a regular basis and she always has their respect and appreciation. I am always hearing comments of praise from them about her work there.

Just to name a few of her accomplishments at the school she serves as a volunteer para-educator coach for the girls softball team bringing not only talent development but development of each individual player to assure they are having fun playing the game with the team and learning the valuable lessons that competitive sports afford in development of character and hard work. Detective Archuleta provides a calming influence to all she meets with—including students in very difficult situations who are facing criminal charges for poor personal decisions. She developed and implemented a new program that monitors on a more regular basis the at risk students who were placed in a program that had limited monitoring prior to her program. She solicited and obtained a grant that gave her money to provide a reward system for students who followed the guidelines set out for them in their at risk program. This proved to be very successful.

Det. Archuleta developed a campaign to address the high school student’s texting and driving dangers. She conducted a pre-survey at the school asking questions about texting and driving to determine what their knowledge was about the dangers. She put the education campaign into place by advertising “prevent distracted driving”. She had students make up posters that were hung around the school. She had a large banner made up by the student that hung in the main lobby. She had “0 fatality” drop of the “0 fatality” crashed vehicle and had it sit at the school for a week. She made public address announcements every morning with trivia questions about the dangers where they had to find her and answer the questions to win prizes. She had a drawing for a hands free blue tooth devise. She produced a 10 minute video about distracted driving that was nothing short of spectacular. She showed the video to all of the students on the class room and at assemblies. You can see the video by going to She had thumb rings made and passed out to all of the students that say “Text Free Driver” and “Texting Kills”. She then conducted another survey to see if their knowledge of the dangers improved. The results were very successful.

Det. Archi’s student all love her and are all influenced in a positive way on a daily basis. She is very deserving of this recognition. Please consider her for this recognition.”