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Officer Brady Benson, Pleasant View City Police Department

The following nomination letter was written by Melinda Greenwood, City Administrator for Pleasant View City:

On Friday, April 15, my husband sent me a text regarding three of “my officers” saving an injured dog who was trapped in an empty canal. I later found out that Officer Brady Benson, Officer Robbie Done and Sergeant Corey Clark all participated in the effort of saving and befriending an injured dog.

It was a job well done for all three officers! After receiving a call from workers about a dog stuck in the canal with a broken leg, Officer Brady Benson, Officer Robbie Done and Sergeant Corey Clark all responded to the scene. They were informed that the canal workers had attempted to get the dog out, but their attempts were unsuccessful as the dog would growl at them and not allow them near him.

Our officers eventually found the dog, which was outside of Pleasant View City limits and into Box Elder County. When they saw the dog, without hesitation, Officer Benson jumped in to the canal and carefully approached the dog. It took an hour, but Officer Benson eventually gained the trust of the dog and was finally able to pet him and calm him down. During that time, the dog would growl at him as he was obviously scared, cold and in pain from his injuries.

Officer Benson was then able to get a sheet underneath the dog and with the help of Sergeant Clark and Officer Done, all three were able to get the dog out of the canal safely. Officer Benson also attempted to phone the owner, but was unsuccessful, so the animal was transported to a local vet where a broken leg was confirmed.

After finally reaching the owners, they were happily reunited with Max, their dog! The canal company was in the process of turning irrigation water on, so it seems the dog was found just in time. Officer Benson showed great compassion and patience through this canine rescue effort. Sergeant Clark and Officer are also to be commended for their assistance on the call.

We have a great police force here in Pleasant View!