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Officer Keo Phetchamphone, Sandy City Police Department

The following nomination letter was written by Captain Justin Chapman of the Sandy City Police Department:

Officer “Keo” (as he is often referred to) was on patrol one snowy day this winter, when he noticed an elderly woman
struggling to shovel her driveway. We had just experienced a hefty snowstorm and due to the age and condition of the
woman, she simply could not complete the task. Making things worse, she was taking care of her husband who was

Recognizing her struggle and seeing the woman in need, Officer Keo stopped his patrol car, approached the woman,
expressed his concern for her and shoveled her driveway. He then asked if she was okay or needed any other assistance.
Having no other immediate needs, Officer Keo left that day and then checked on her the following day.

His duty as a police officer did not require him to do what he did, but rather his internal desire to help others compelled him. He and others in law enforcement quietly go about assisting those in our communities because they are good people. As a supervisor, I did not even known about this act of kindness until this very grateful woman wrote to share her appreciation.