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Officer Dallas Smith & Officer Cory Lewis, Spanish Fork Police Department

The following nomination letter was written by Steve Adams, Spanish Fork City Chief of Police:

First use of Narcan by Officers of the Spanish Fork Police Department:

Spanish Fork Police Officers were recently issued NARCAN an opioid reversal drug to be used on victims overdosing on an opioid such as heroin or synthetic drug. They had been caring NARCAN for two weeks when they had their first opportunity to use the life saving drug. On 05/25/16 at 2217 hours officers Dallas Smith and Cory Lewis responded to a home in Spanish Fork on a report of an overdose. Upon arrival the patient was found to be in cardiac arrest. . Officer Smith performed chest compressions while Officer Lewis provided air. While performing CPR, questions were asked of those present in an effort to determine why the patient was in cardiac arrest. In plain view officers observed heroin and other drug paraphernalia related to its use. Because of the evidence in plain view and information from those present Officers choose to administer Narcan. The first dose of Narcan was administrated without success of reviving the patient. Officers continued CPR and gave a second dose of Narcan. A short time later the patient began to have a heartbeat, breath on his own and was even communicating. His life was saved!

Officers Smith and Lewis are truly here to “Protect and Serve”. Among many other things they have taken the time to be educated and be skilled in CPR and the use of Narcan. Because of their response and skills used this patient will have another day to change the path and direction of his life. He has been given a second chance that many others have not afforded that find themselves in this same position.