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Detective Shane Laycock, Riverton Police Department

The following nomination letter was written by Rosie Rivera, Chief of the Riverton PD:

On April 13, 2016, Detective Shane Laycock responded to an ambulance assist detail involving a 13 month old child. The child had fallen head-first into a cooler and was submerged in 6 inches of water for several minutes. Family members pulled the child from the cooler, the grandmother started CPR. When Officer Laycock arrived the child was lying on his back with family members kneeling next to him. The child had irregular and labored breathing, Detective Laycock performed chest compressions in hopes to speed up his heart rate. The child began to vomit water and his breathing improved, medical arrived shortly after and took over life saving efforts. Detective Laycock then assisted in directing Life Flight to the area, then he drove the grandfather to Primary Children’s Hospital to be with the child. The child was able to make a full recovery and the family has been very grateful and appreciative for Detective Laycock’s efforts.

Detective Shane Laycock is commended for his quick thinking, quick response and selfless dedication which saved the life of this young boy. His quick and confident response to this dynamic and emotionally charged incident is nothing short of exceptional and epitomize the highest standards of the Unified Police Department.

Detective Laycock responded to a baby drowning case, while it is not part of his normal duties he heard the call come out and immediately dropped what he was doing and responded on the call. Detective Laycock arrived before patrol officers and took life saving measures to save the child’s life.

Detective Laycock has been a coach for little league baseball for many years, he enjoys spending time with youth and is a mentor for the team. Detective Laycock is a property crimes detective in Riverton, he assists with several community events throughout the year, to include Night out Against Crime, Whats up Riverton and Riverton Town days.