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Lacy Turner, Kaysville Police Department

The following nomination letter was written by Sol Oberg, Chief of Police of Kaysville City:

Lacy Turner is assigned to the department’s Problem-Oriented Policing Unit, where she is tasked with trying to resolve quality of life issues within our community. She works extensively with the community’s youth, low income housing stakeholders, and ongoing community issues. In addition to this, she works extra hours as a school resource officer at Centennial Junior High School. Officer Turner is also a DARE Instructor and a field training officer. This past year, she proposed and implemented two new programs within our department; a peer support program and an officer mentor program for officers. These programs have had a tremendous effect on the well-being, success, and morale of our officers.

Despite her heavy load of extra duties and assignments, Officer Turner consistently performs at a high level regardless of what activity is being measured, self-initiated activity, traffic stops, citizen contacts, or calls for service. In her few short years with the department she has become a popular figure with our community’s youth and is a positive role model particularly for young women interested in law enforcement or criminal justice. Kaysville’s Mayor has called her the face of the department and other police departments frequently recruit her to join their force.

This past year, Officer Turner responded to two different medical calls and arrived prior to medical personnel. She performed live saving CPR measures on victims in both occasions and as a result saved the lives of both people. She has received commendations and awards from the police department for her initiative and action in instances such as the medicals as well as for other high profile emergency calls for service such as an officer involved shooting.

Officer Turner is an active community policing advocate. Last summer, she started a campaign that she called “Cops Love Lemonade” in Kaysville City. This program encouraged the city’s youth to call the police department to visit their lemonade stands. This program engendered positive feelings between much of our community and our police officers. It helped to humanize our officers to the public and gave the officers an opportunity to have a positive interaction with members of our public.

The campaign was recognized by Mountain America Credit Union as part of its “pay it forward” campaign and highlighted by media outlets. The community and city leaders recognized this campaign as important to building trust and improving police relationships with the public.

Officer Turner takes her role as a peace officer seriously and commits to participating in many of the city’s community events. Officer Turner does this despite all of her other professional commitments and her family obligations. Officer Turner even responds to some events off-duty and out of uniform to support the community and its members. She is a credit to our department and a strong asset to the Kaysville community.