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Robb Radley, Washington City Police Department

The following nomination letter was written by Jim Keith, Washington City Police Chief:

This officer has reached out to community partners in hopes of finding a partner to help serve a much needed special underserved population in our communities. That is helping with the Alzhiemers, dementia and some mentally handicapped community members during individual crisis situations. Project Lifesaver is the name of the national program that has made the hardware to locate and return wondering or lost members of the above mentioned groups of our community. In these special needs groups, time is critical in finding and relocating these individuals with their loved ones.

Officer Radley began meeting with these three groups and realized very soon that we have a fairly large number of individuals in our communities. He developed a partnership with IHC and were able to receive a large donation that will not only benefit our city, but our entire county. We were given enough money to purchase equipment and bands for each jurisdiction in our county. We will now be able to serve this part of our community in a way that gives great confidence and piece of mind to the family members of the individuals in our community that suffer from these medical conditions.

We were presented with the funds last week in a city council meeting and are in the process of rolling this out to enhance the service to our communities throughout Washington County. We are very excited with this opportunity to grow the partnerships with our community members.