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Rolynn Snow, Centerville Police Department

The following nomination letter was written by Paul Child, Chief of Police for Centerville City:

In June of 2015 Officer Snow stopped on a lady who was changing her tire on-top of Parrish Lane overpass to see if he could help. While changing the tire he noticed that the tires on the car were worn and unsafe, when he went to put the spare tire on he saw that it was no better than the other tires and had a large bubble in it. Officer Snow could see that this woman was down on her luck and needed assistance. After changing the tire, with the help of a DOT employee, he had the woman follow him to a local tire store. At the tire store Officer Snow sought out the manager and explained the situation to him and asked if the manager could find some used tires in good condition to put on the car and then Officer Snow said he would pay for the tires. The store manager said he would take care of it, the manager had all new tires put on the car at no expense to the lady.

While interacting with the public Officer Snow has a way of engaging people by showing concern and being friendly. The other day a man told me he was friends with Officer Snow, when I asked Officer Snow how he knew the man I was told that he had stopped the guy a couple times for speeding and through these contacts they became friends. This is somewhat indicative of how Officer Snow interacts with people in his professional and private life. Officer Snow cares deeply about people and his fellow officers.

Officer Snow has volunteered every year at the Iron Man competition in St. George since 2012. He also serves with the young men in his church. He is into being physically fit and has assisted in several bicycle races, including the Tour of Utah the last two years.

Officer Snow often looks for positive things other officers are doing in the department and finds ways to praise them and recognize them among his peers. He motivate others to improve in their physical fitness and service to the community by being an example and positive feedback.