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Devin Lauritzen, Iron County

The following nomination letter was written by Mark Gower, Iron County Sheriff:

Devin has been working with our agency for many years, firstly in his capacity as a paramedic with the Iron County Ambulance, and since 2014 as a Sheriff’s Deputy. I couldn’t have been more pleased when Devin approached me and told me of his desire become a law enforcement officer with our agency.

Devin’s position is unique in that he is our only Paramedic certified Deputy Sheriff. Being the Sheriff of a large, rural county covering 3301 sq. miles, my Deputies are oftentimes the first responders on a scene where urgent medical care is required, and it is reassuring to know I have an exceptional Deputy and Medic on scene to handle things until additional help can get there. Even when the ambulance arrives, the EMTs frequently look to Devin for direction on how to proceed as he is usually the highest ranking medical professional on scene. On his days off, Devin also works for Life Flight.

Devin is a highly valued member of our SWAT, Search & Rescue, and Ropes Rescue Teams, on which he also serves as the medic. Devin has been involved on several technical rescues in the rural, mountainous areas of Iron County where his skills have been invaluable. Devin is very competent and skilled at dealing with situations in the backcountry and can be relied upon to manage an emergency situation and get the necessary resources called to respond.

Regardless of the call for service (medical or law enforcement related), Devin’s mere presence seems to calm and deescalate a situation. We have never known Devin to be involved in a highly volatile situation that had a bad outcome.

Devin is truly an asset to our department. He has a calm, commonsensical approach to his duties, and can always be relied upon to handle a situation in a respectful and considerate manner.

Among Devin’s many qualities is his aspiration to constantly better not only his own career, but to acquire skills and knowledge that will better the department and better serve the citizens of Iron County.

I am privileged to have such a fine, outstanding Deputy on my staff and am grateful to Devin for his continued dedication and service to my office and the citizens of Iron County.