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Dan Jewel, Layton City Police Department

The following nomination letter was written by Sergeant Clint Bobrowski of the Layton City Police Department:

On December 17th, 2016, Officer Jewel and I responded to a Domestic Violence call. We encountered a 9 year old boy who had witnessed the crime. To calm the boy down, we began to discuss what he would like for Christmas. To our surprise, the 9 year old indicated to us all he really wanted was school supplies. Even after asking if he was sure he didn’t want toys, the boy firmly stated he really wanted pencils, paper, and other school supplies. Following the call, Officer Jewel took it upon himself to purchase a gift bag full of school supplies. Officer Jewel returned the following day and provided the supplies to the boy who was overcome with joy.

On December 18th, 2016, Officer Jewel was conducting patrol work. Officer Jewel observed a vehicle that appeared to be avoiding him. As Officer Jewel investigated more he learned the vehicle had revoked registration and did not have any insurance on it. Officer Jewel stopped the vehicle and learned the driver was a single mother of two children. During his investigation the female expressed her worries of not being able to provide Christmas for her two children. Officer Jewel took it upon himself to go to Toys-R-Us to purchase, with his own money, gifts for this woman’s children. The Layton Toys-R-Us learned what Officer Jewel was doing and donated over $400 worth of Toys for this family which were delivered to them that day.

As Officer Jewel’s supervisor I continue to stress the importance of being involved with our community to strengthen our partnership. Officer Jewel went well above and beyond any expectations of a police officer by ensuring three children in Layton experienced a Merry Christmas and provided a little relief to their parents.

The above mentioned incidents are only but two examples of the routine volunteer service that Officer Jewel provides to the community. On top of his routine police work, Officer Jewel is a veteran of the United States Military who was injured during combat, and is the Lodge President for the Layton Fraternal Order of Police.