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Cody Ingle, Davis County Sheriff Paramedic

The following nomination letter was written by Nicole Lloyd, Officer Cody Ingle’s neighbor:

Cody Ingle is a neighbor who always goes above and beyond to help all those he protects in Davis County, especially his neighbors. Being 23 weeks pregnant, it is hard for me to get out and shovel my walk way and driveway to go to work. Cody not only helps me, but everyone in our subdivision, every time it snows!

This must be difficult for him, having just suffered a back injury and being on grave shifts, yet he finds the time and goodness in his heart to take care of those around him. Even to highlight Cody’s amazing ability at his job, he recently received a Life Saving Award from his department for saving the life of a 26 week premature baby a few months ago. 26 weeks! The baby was born in the bathtub at home before they got there. He successfully intubated and resuscitated a baby born 14 weeks too early in the back of an ambulance on the way to the hospital.