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Sergeant Dusty Butler, Emery County Sheriff’s Office

The following letter was written by Dianne Butler, a citizen in Emery County and Officer Butler’s mom:

Dusty is one of the best policeman there is. He is the Sargent over the Emery County jail. He has been working for Emery county for over 20 years. He wanted to be a cop since he was a little boy. Even as a teenager he took the opportunity to ride around the county with a police officer in his car. When I started to think that this might really happen, I started to feel very reluctant. When he was a senior in high school we had a long talk. I was trying to change his mind. I still remember him saying, “Mom, all my life you have taught me to give service to others. Being a policeman is about 90% service and 10% crap!” His life has indeed been giving service. (If you want I could list many things he has done for others)

The latest thing he has done is got a home for the one homeless man we have here in Emery county. The old guy has been living in his car. Dusty decided to get him a trailer and a trailor site here in Orangeville. He went on Facebook and asked for donations. A number of people offered him trailers. He was able to take parts off them to make one good place to live. Go to his Facebook page, Dusty Butler, Emery County Sheriff’s office page. It took him lots of hours, and gathering up many donations. i.e. bedding, food, propane tanks, furnace, running water, etc. Last night we drove through the trailer count and saw this tailor. All set up, with bails of straw around the foundation.