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Dana Pugmire, West Valley City PD

The following is a story we received from Roxeanna Vainuku, Public Information Officer in West Valley City:

“Detective Dana Pugmire got a call Wednesday morning, 1/11/17, from an 80-year old woman who was trying to call her son, but accidentally called Detective Pugmire’s cell phone number. The last 4 digits of Detective Pugmire’s cell phone are very close to her son’s number, but she transposed two of the numbers. The woman had fallen down, was injured and could not get up and was trying to reach her son for help.

Detective Pugmire was able to stay on the phone with her for 20 minutes, get her information and have dispatch send Unified Fire Authority over to her house in Taylorsville. Detective Pugmire stayed on the phone with her and provided comfort until the fire department arrived. The fire department ended up transporting her to the hospital. Detective Pugmire said she couldn’t understand how she was on the phone with the police when she was calling to talk to her son. I thought it was a great story and definitely the most advantageous wrong number anyone has ever dialed. Detective Pugmire did a great job!”