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Peter Gilchrist, Garland City

The following nomination was written by Paul Potter, resident of Garland:

“I would like to nominate Officer Peter Gilchrist of the Garland Police Department for your Beyond the Badge. Office
Gilchrist in the short time he has been in Garland City has been an example of what it means to “Serve” as well as

In the recent floods that has hit our community, he and the other officers had put in long hours with road closures and
helping the community while on the clock. However even with little sleep, Officer Gilchrist also was volunteering on his
day off and was seen on the sandbagging lines in plain clothes to help out his neighbors in their hours of need.

Officer Gilchrist has also been spotted tutoring kids at the local elementary school to help them improve their reading
skills. He also is a youth leader in his local LDS ward and is a shining example to the youth of what it means to truly be
an upstanding citizen of society.

Thank you for your time in considering Officer Gilchrist for this recognition.”