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John Ottesen, Layton City PD

The following nomination was written by Sergeant Juan Moreno of the Layton City Police Department:

On 2/12/17 Officer Ottesen responded to a local clinic for a welfare check. The clinic reported that a 19 year old female had wandered into the clinic and was hanging out in the lobby. The female was not properly dressed for the cold weather and stated that she had nowhere to go. When Officer Ottesen arrived he learned that this female was homeless and had some developmental disabilities. He also learned that this female had been living with her mother but they had been kicked out of their apartment and her mother was now in a nursing home. The female could not stay with her mother at the nursing home and family that she had in the area would not take her in.

Officer Ottesen began to make phone calls to local resources to see if he could find her a place to stay and find her assistance but
his attempts did not meet with success. Being that the temperatures were low and since this female was not properly dressed for the weather, instead of leaving this female on her own to roam from place to place looking for shelter, Officer Ottesen secured her a two night stay at a local hotel with his own money and also provided her with phone numbers to resources that could possibly assist her. Officer Ottesen went above and beyond in assisting this young lady and this is typical of the good work he does on a daily basis.