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Detective Morzelewski, Cottonwood Heights PD

The following was written by Lieutenant Dan Bartlett of Cottonwood Heights:


During the month of May Cottonwood Heights was terrorized by a robber who hit 5 businesses in a two week period. The suspect produced a firearm in each of the robberies and became bolder after each successful attempt. Det. Morzelewski used every resource available to identify the suspect but was unsuccessful in in apprehending this person of interest. Det. Morzelewski talked to countless witnesses and combed through several suspects spending nights and weekends watching businesses. On 5/27/17 while off duty at the Dan’s supermarket Det. Morzelewski recognized who he believed to be the suspect
and coordinated efforts to apprehend him. Zane James was charged in 3rd District court with all 5 robberies. Det. Morzelewski’s efforts on this case deserve recognition.”

-Lt. Dan Bartlett