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Agent Wallis, Department of Public Safety Bureau of Investigation

Agent Crystal Wallis with the Department of Public Safety’s State Bureau of Investigation has truly gone above and beyond her call of duty. Agent Wallis has been assigned to work Operation Rio Grande. Recently Agent Wallis made a connection with a man who was in obvious need of professional mental health. She introduced herself and kept an eye on him. She worked with social workers in the area to get the man help at a local hospital. A day or two later Agent Wallis noticed the same man was back on the street. The hospital he was sent to sent him home- back to Rio Grande. But Agent Wallis was persistent. She sought out treatment for this individual and made it happen. The man was taken to another healthcare facility where he is receiving the treatment he needs. DPS is extremely proud of Agent Wallis’ effort and heart. Commissioner Squires was so impressed with her diligent and caring way of seeking help for this young man who she observed was in desperate need of professional help that he would like to nominate her to be recognized on Beyond The Badge.

-Commissioner Squires