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Kirk Powell, Unified Police Department

The following nomination comes from Kelly Bush, Kearns Metro Township Council Member:

Kirk Powell has been a detective in the Kearns Precinct for nearly the past five years. Detective Powell is an incredibly hard worker. Regularly he goes above and beyond in handling all manner of cases that come his way. He consistently handles the largest volume of cases in the Kearns/ Magna Precinct. Not only does he manage his own caseload, but he is consistently sought out by his peers for advice and help in working their own cases. He is viewed as a silent leader and will never turn down anyone in need of help. The manner he quietly and confidently goes about his work, trying to avoid recognition and praise, is truly remarkable. This has garnered him tremendous respect from officers all across the Salt Lake Valley.

Here is a brief story that truly illustrates the skill of Detective Powell. Just over a year ago, he was out conducting what he calls a proactive patrol. He heard over the radio patrol officers being dispatched on a Hit and Run call. After hearing the description of the call, he positioned himself to intercept the suspect trying to flee the area. He witnessed the suspect trying to carjack another vehicle. Detective Powell intervened and challenged the suspect before another victim could fall prey to his criminal acts. Due to his decisive action and skill a dangerous criminal was taken off the street and other potential victims were saved. He did all this in less time than it took patrol officers to arrive on scene. Several officers later commented, “How does he do that?” The fact of the matter is, he does this all the time…

Kirk Powell is the epitome of a “Public Servant.” He routinely goes where others won’t and does what others can’t. He is a remarkable man, a stellar detective and a loving husband and father. He truly represents the finest our community and the law enforcement profession has to offer. I can think of no one more deserving of recognition that our Detective Kirk Powell.