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Tim Prince, South Jordan Police Department

The following nomination comes from citizen Camille Grimshaw of South Jordan:

On August 24, 2016 I returned home from watching my grandma pass away. She raised me and was basically my mom and my best friend. The loss was devastating. When I got home I went to the ring box where I have stored her wedding ring for years, never feeling right about wearing it when she was alive, but at that moment I longed for a small piece of her. I was a little taken back when it wasn’t there. I spend the next four days tearing my house apart looking for the ring with no luck. I did, however, find every other ring that I had ever owned, with the exception of another small ring that I could not locate. The following Monday I was given some information that lead me to believe my ring my have been stolen from my house. My heart sank.

In a desperate attempt to find the ring I tried a couple pawn shops, completely breaking down at one. The man working there was kind and suggested filing a police report. On my way home, and still a wreck, I went to the South Jordan Police Station. The receptionist was kind and said she would find me someone. Officer Prince was the lucky person that got to deal with my emotional self. He was kind, but as I relayed the story I could tell that these types of things usually do not end well. At the time I appreciated his kindness and I left thinking that I had done all that I
could do.

The next day we left on a previously planned trip. As we were about to leave I got an email from Officer Prince asking for some drawings of the rings. I drew up some sketches and informed him I would be unavailable for the next 7 days. He told me to enjoy my trip. While I was enjoying my trip Officer Prince was working my case like nothing I would have expected. Two minutes…TWO MINUTES after landing at Salt Lake International I was sent an email from
him asking if the picture he sent was my grandma’s ring. IT WAS!!!!

Not only was he able to find out that both the missing rings were pawned, but was able to track down the person that had bought my grandma’s ring and worked out the details of me buying it back from her. I can never repay him for that. He gave me back a piece of my grandma that I could have never replaced. I have worn the ring every day since. He has been wonderful in updating me on the process and been kind enough to answer my questions. My heart will always hold a special place for Officer Prince. He honestly made me feel like my missing ring was the most important case the South Jordan Police were facing, although in reality I know it is somewhere near the bottom of the list I am sure.