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Shane Nebeker, Utah Highway Patrol

Captain –

On Monday Oct 9 (Columbus Day) at about 1 p.m. I heard dispatch explain that an older female on Oxygen had possibly run out of gas northbound on I-15 near milepost 358. The vehicle was described as a silver Buick Lucerne passenger car. A wrecker stopped and she explained that she could not afford a wrecker and asked if a trooper could help her.

Sgt. Shane Nebeker responded and when he discovered that the female had clearly run out of gas and had limited funds he pushed her vehicle into the Port of Entry so she would be safe. He then drove into Brigham City where he used his own money and bought a 2.5 gallon gas can ($13) and then bought 2 gallons of gas ($5) and transported it back to the stranded female. I found him at the gas station and realized what he was doing so I followed him back to the stranded female and took a photo of him filling the females car and getting her going again so that she could make it to the gas station in Brigham.

I know he will be embarrassed with me pointing out how he went Beyond the Badge to serve a stranded motorist from Idaho that was just passing thru but this just shows what a great officer Sgt. Nebeker is. He spent nearly $20 of his own money to make sure this stranded motorist could get back on her way and safely off the freeway. He is a great member of the UHP and always willing to go the extra mile when serving people on the roadways of Utah and I believe this is just one of many times he has gone Beyond the Badge to serve others as a member of the UHP.

Lt. Lee Perry
Utah Highway Patrol Section 1