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Nate Rackham, Brigham City PD

This nomination comes from Chief Michael Nelsen of Brigham City:

“On October 11 , 2017, Officer Nate Rackham assisted a Sergeant on a traffic stop where the male driver of the vehicle had a warrant for his arrest. The wife did not have anywhere to go for the night and she had three young children inside the car. She stated that they could just sleep in the car and asked where a safe place would be as she was not familiar with the area. She was directed to go to the Police Department parking lot where it is well lit.

She agreed to follow Officer Rackham to the Police Department parking lot. While Officer Rackham was driving to the Police Department he could not help but feel sorry for the displaced family and could not see them sleeping inside their car in such a cold night. Concerned for their safety and wellbeing, he contacted Sgt. Glover to get permission to find a hotel room for the family. After their discussion, Officer Rackham took it upon himself to contact the Hampton Inn, next to the Police Department, to see if he could get a room. Officer Rackham booked a room for one night and paid for it with his own money.

He then told the family that they had a place to stay for the night, which was graciously accepted. The mother was overwhelmed with tears and showed her gratitude to Officer Rackham.