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Sergeant Aaron Johnson, West Jordan

The following letter was submitted by a West Jordan Mighty Mites Team.

“Dearest Warden,

I am a Mother on the West Jordan Jaguar Mighty Might Team, I am writing to let you know the work and dedication one of your brothers in blue has put in for our boys. Coach Aaron Johnson is a Sergeant at Utah State Prison, He is also the most amazing Coach our kids have EVER had and I felt he needed to be recognized for all of the work and sacrifices he has made.

Coach Johnson has gone above and beyond working overtime, shift trades and waking up hours before his shift to make sure he is at every game, practice and fundraiser. He has paid from his own pocket for children (who are less fortunate) to eat, he has bought shoes for a team member who was going without. This gets to my heart because we know that Coach has his own Sons with a life threatening disability, to give his time, love and
hard earned money to strangers is powerful to watch. The true meaning of unity.

Coach Johnson has on several occasions, promised the boys, if they play hard and bring him a win he will show up to practice in a chicken costume. He has followed through with that promise every Win, conditioning with his team making each individual feel loved and important.

There are several children on this team that have lost their Fathers either to illness or Death or incarceration. Coach has made it a point to show up to special events. He and his Wife will leave home for practice early so they can fill their Suburban up with 11-year-old boys, just so these kids do not walk alone or in the dark.

Sir, we cannot Thank him enough for everything he does and we just wanted to let you know that you truly have an Angel on your Team. We are so proud to call him our JAG DAD/ COACH.

Thank you,
West Jordan Mighty Mites”