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K9 Officer Rino, Davis County

The following was submitted by Jacque Wright.

“Officer McEwen and his police dog, Rino, came to our school on Friday. Eagle Bay Elementary had been engaged in Red Ribbon week activities this past week and Officer McEwen so willingly came to the school as a concluding event.

With all 550 students and teachers attention, he explained to the kids how a dog can help the police force find drugs and other dangerous substances. He explained how a dog can help the police find and apprehend dangerous people. He brought his beautiful dog with him and demonstrated his high energy and skill.

Officer McEwen spent time with the kids and talked with them and gave high-fives. It was a great opportunity for the kids to interact with an every day hero in our community. He re-enforced the dangers of drugs and the importance of saying NO. We know he is very busy and appreciate his time with the kids. It takes a special person to bond, train, and create a working relationship with a dog. And to build a trust that allows success in keeping our community safe.

Thank you Officer McEwen for your example in our school; but more importantly, thank you to you and Rino for your service in our community.”