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Officer Kenny Rose, Lehi

My husband was Officer Joseph Dan Adams who worked for Lehi Police Department and was killed in the line of duty in 2001. Kenny was and continues to be a true friend to our family through acts of service and a commitment to the brotherhood of police officers. Kenny spearheaded a park in Lehi that is named after my late husband and through many, many Eagle Projects (which he has helped each Scout from start to finish) Kenny has created a monument for all Police, Fire and Emergency response personnel complete with Federal, State and Local flags and lighting so the flags can be flown at night. Again he has created the park as a memorial for my husband but what I love so much is he has created it solely based on Eagle Scout Projects!! He truly is an example to his community and to the police community.

Last year my son, Cade, was one of those Eagle Scouts that helped to contribute to the park. Kenny was an amazing mentor to Cade and helped him arrange a fundraiser at Texas Road House and continued to support him as he purchased and arranged for the installation of the flag lighting in the memorial. At Cade’s Court of Honor, Cade gave Kenny his mentor pin – he is inspired by Kenny’s love for his dad Joe and his commitment to his profession as a police officer.

Additionally, our family is asked occasionally to attend memorial events, most recently a OTV ride in Moab. Along with the ride we were asked to set up a table to recognize our fallen officer. Kenny was there every step of the way supporting our family and all the other officers that were honored that weekend. This is only one example of his commitment to continuing the memory of our fallen officer and his friend. We love him like our family.