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Junior League of Ogden

Community gardens are collaborative projects in an open space where neighbors share in the maintenance and harvest of the garden. In turn, the garden helps participants to eat healthy fresh fruits and vegetables, engage in physical activity, and beautify vacant lots. In 2002 the Junior League of Ogden identified childhood obesity as a growing epidemic and undertook a bold new initiative to improve the health of their community, laying the groundwork for the Oasis Community Garden.

The community surrounding the garden is home to over 15,000 residents, primarily low-income, multi-family housing units which have little to no green space. These residents are at risk of becoming obese. The Junior League of Ogden is committed to providing support, programming, and opportunities for individuals to stay active, grow healthy local food, and learn about nutrition and healthy living in their thriving garden.

To get involved you can volunteer, purchase, or donate a plot for the season to a community member in need.

SelectHealth recognizes the community nourishment provided by the Junior League of Ogden as another example of how Utah Gives Back.