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Circle the Wagons

As individuals, we make plans for our day, our week and our month. But no one makes plans to be a victim or survivor of a violent crime. Circle the Wagons is a grass-roots organization that steps in, providing direction and information for survivors in those first critical and confusing hours.

Their assistance comes in the form of a quart-sized container, a Can of Comfort. It contains candy and a 96-hour survival guide. This guide lists vital first steps to take, giving victims a starting point after the trauma they experienced. The survival guide also includes contact numbers and valuable information about resources available to assist in the healing process.

Cans of Comfort are distributed by police officers, victims advocates, and hospital trauma teams to provide comfort, support, and direction to survivors. Offering a can provides an immediate expression of community support and essential information for survival and healing.

SelectHealth recognizes the compassionate service offered by Circle the Wagons as another example of how Utah Gives Back.