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New Hope Crisis Center

Victims and survivors of abuse often feel they have no way out and no place to go. But there are places in Utah, including the New Hope Crisis Center in Brigham City. Their mission is to provide all-inclusive, integrated, victim-centered services to stabilize and support those affected by abuse.

When victims come to the center they decide whether or not to seek counseling or where they’re going to live and what their action plan is. This is so empowering for someone who has not had the power in the past.

Those suffering from abuse often feel alone and there is no escape, but people are waiting to help in a way that you choose. The New Hope Crisis Center provides shelter, crisis counseling, and so much more to assist victims. Beyond those urgent needs they also offer skills instruction, parenting education, child abuse prevention, and anger management classes to those escaping abuse to become self-sufficient and to provide healing.

SelectHealth recognizes the empowerment provided by the New Hope Crisis Center as another example of How Utah Gives Back.