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People Helping People

How can Utahns help reduce the number of children living in poverty? People Helping People is an organization that helps families break the cycle of poverty for their children. Their goal is to teach women, primarily single mothers, how they can build better futures for themselves and their children by becoming, and remaining, successfully employed.
The group offers workshops and one-on-one mentoring to help clients create employment packets, identify jobs, prepare a resume, and receive interview coaching. Ongoing support is critical and designed to promote women within the workforce, develop leadership skills, and get ongoing education.
People Helping People’s unique employment approach helps women gain the knowledge and self-confidence necessary to compete for better jobs, advance in their careers, and become financially self-sufficient. When women earn enough to pay their bills, their housing situations stabilize, they can provide healthy meals, and gain access to healthcare for their families.
SelectHealth recognizes the economic impact of People Helping People as another example of how Utah Gives Back.