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Youth Impact

You may know that at-risk youth in our community need their emotional, physical, and social needs nurtured. Youth Impact was created to provide a safe and fun environment for the youth in their community at no cost to parents.
A need was identified in Ogden for at-risk children to become immersed in a wholesome and creative environment. They need somewhere they can be involved in worthwhile projects that can build character and develop social skills. These children also need a place where they can receive additional tutoring after school, interact with positive role models, and learn to live a healthy lifestyle.
Youth Impact has been operating in Ogden’s inner-city neighborhood for more than 20 years. Their history has proven to be successful in helping youth stay off the streets, deterring gang involvement, and teaching the importance of staying in school. Participants understand the importance of earning a quality education.
SelectHealth recognizes the effective difference made by Youth Impact as another example of how Utah Gives Back.