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Odyssey House

Odyssey House has become the leading substance abuse treatment provider in the State of Utah. They operate the largest continuum of care at any level of need and have been independently ranked within the top 8% of national treatment programs. They provide services in multiple settings for teens, adults, and mothers & fathers with children.
Licensed mental health professionals operate the programs using best practices to get to the core issues of addiction. Patient issues may include mental illness, poor work history, negative behaviors, physical illness, broken relationships, and lack of housing. Their services truly address each aspect of the individual, producing a whole person change.
For over forty-six years, through their mission of “Empowering people to heal and build better lives,” they have served tens of thousands of individuals struggling with addiction, mental health, and physical health issues. Odyssey House is mission driven, maintaining high integrity in all interactions with individuals and the community, and supports individuals in becoming active members of our community.
SelectHealth recognizes the essential assistance provided by the Odyssey House as another example of how Utah Gives Back.