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Youth Sport Coaches

Sportsmanship is a seed that needs exposure and lessons to grow. Young athletes participate in numerous sports and leagues each year. Those impressionable children learn the attributes of sportsmanship from their coaches, teammates, and parents. It’s a trait that is likely to be used throughout his or her life.
Often we take these volunteer coaches for granted and lose track of the time and support they provide our children to better themselves through team work. Parents, coaches, and officials should treat each other with respect and give thanks to change negative trends. In doing so, children begin to understand and promote the foundations of good sportsmanship. You don’t have to win to be a winner.
So whether you are a Bengal, Eagle, or Grizzly, thank your coaches for their time and support of your young athletes. After the game, foster good sportsmanship by asking your child “Did you have fun” or “What did you learn” as opposed to “Did you win” and watch their character grow. It’s just a game, but the experience and growth that comes with competition is notable.