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Friday’s Kids Respite

Friday’s Kids Respite is an organization that provides respite care to families with special needs children in Orem, Salem, Lehi, and St. George. Respite care is the temporary care of children that provides a short period of rest or relief to their usual caregivers.
Participating in regular respite care enables those with special needs children to better manage the stress in their families’ lives. On their respite Fridays, families arrive, meet with the nurse, and are introduced to the volunteers who will be paired, one-on-one, to play with their children in a safe and fun environment. Then, many parents spend needed personal time with their spouse or other children. When they return, they are more able to care for their families.
Friday’s Kids Respite offers this free service to those who simply do not have the support or financial resources to receive these breaks otherwise. This helps caregivers restore balance; strengthens their ability to care for their special needs child; increases their ability to bond with loved ones; and enhances their child’s quality of life.
SelectHealth recognizes the compassionate care by Friday’s Kids Respite as another example of how Utah Gives Back.