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Utah Down Syndrome Foundation

March 21st, which is the 21st day of the third month, is World Down Syndrome Day. The date is significant because the triplication of the 21st chromosome causes Down syndrome. The Utah Down Syndrome Foundation was established to help those with the condition achieve their educational potential, enhance their self esteem, and enjoy social interaction. Their mission is to promote awareness and appreciation for the unique talents and abilities of individuals with Down syndrome. They provide outreach and education to parents and peers, promote community acceptance and inclusion, and disseminate information to health care providers.
Children with Down syndrome are more like others than different from them. However unique facial features, slower skill acquisition, speech delays, low muscle tone, and other physical or developmental features can set them apart. More than 65 Utah babies are born with Down syndrome each year, so the need to foster understanding, inclusion, and acceptance is growing.
SelectHealth recognizes the supportive services from The Utah Down Syndrome Foundation as another example of how Utah Gives Back.