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Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition

It’s estimated one in five kids in Utah is affected by bullying and more than half of students witness it daily. But when students, parents, schools, and communities work together, bullying can be stopped.
The Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition was founded to end bullying through kindness and make schools a safe and welcome place. Kids need to know their words can be weapons or bring joy. Cyber bullying is a huge problem. Kids can be surrounded by a loving family but still be bullied online, making them feel isolated and worthless. In Utah, suicide is the number two cause of death for youth ages 10 to 17.
The coalition is making a difference in schools across the state by bringing concerts with performers that have been bullied themselves. Performers share how they overcame bullying and put their energy into something they love. Schools have a student-led ambassador club and a monthly challenge for acts of kindness. Through this program, children are taught they are valued and can be anything they want to be.
SelectHealth recognizes the positive impact made by the Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition as another example of how Utah Gives Back.