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Continue Mission

Continue Mission is a non-profit organization aiming to inspire, empower, and involve Veterans and their families in recreational and educational programs that promote health and wellness. Their programs serve Veterans that have suffered a physical, mental, or emotional injury connected with military service.
Veterans may find it difficult to integrate back into society after serving our great country, and many lose their life each day to suicide. They isolate themselves and lose their purpose in life. The need to offer support and services is significant. Continue Mission is dedicated to raising mental health awareness and taking an active role in suicide prevention.
Continue Mission’s motto is No Veteran Left Behind. They offer events to Veterans that get them out in nature to enjoy recreational activities, provide camaraderie, and ultimately put smiles back on their faces. The direct benefit to each Veteran spreads throughout their family and community as they begin to heal and integrate back into life again.
SelectHealth recognizes the wellness opportunities provided by Continue Mission as another example of how Utah Gives Back.