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Eastman Family Recovery Foundation

The mission of Eastman Family Recovery Foundation is to bring suicide, addiction awareness and prevention to our communities and to work with youth groups to help build life skills. They bring resources to suicidal or addicted individuals and families. They evaluate, assess their needs and get them to the resources they need. These resources can be Life Skills training, support groups, rehabilitation programs, and post rehab support.
The main focus is the use of fitness in recovery. This builds confidence, stamina and gets them into a new and recovery friendly environment.
Utah ranks in the top ten for prescription overdose deaths in the country. Only 1 in 10 drug abusers are actually getting the help they need, Utah is in need of some open arms and places to go and get help. This is the main focus of the Eastman Family Recovery Foundation, having open arms and helping people get what they need to get life moving again.
SelectHealth recognizes the life changing impact provided by the Eastman Family Recovery Foundation as another example of how Utah Gives Back.